Generating wallet keys

Let's generate the wallet keys for our pledge

let's go to our key folder

cd ~/cnode/keys/

Let's start by generating a wallet for paying fees and Pool deposit, let's call it myWallet myWallet cli
ls -al

you should see something like this:

Now let's check the balance of the wallet as well the address of that wallet: myWallet

ok, as expected, no funds on that wallet :) check the address of that wallet, in this case it's (DONT'T SEND FUNDS TO THIS ADDRESS): addr_test1vrl0cagj24t20dcsmljh5n2egg5pehpfmy6wtsul6resl0gpzsp7d

You will need around 505 ADA to complete the process. 500 ADA for the Pool Key deoposit (You will get it back when you de-register your pool) and some more ADA for transactions as well as delegation key deposit. Send the 505 ADA to your freshly created address and then check again the wallet using the above command. Continue when you have done that!

When you have sent some ADA to your myWallet address, let's check again:

Now let's create an address where you will be storing the pools Pledge poolOwner cli
ls -al poolOwner*

Great, now let's register the owner stake key on the blockchain, myWallet will pay for the transaction as well as for the deposit poolOwner myWallet

Now let's check if our stake certificate is registered on blockchain: poolOwner

Ok, our primary Wallet and Pledge wallet is ready! Let's create in our next steps the POOL Keys.

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