Creating a user for Cardano Node

Before we start the installation process, let's create a user for our Cardano pool project. Let's name this user "cardano" and give the administrative user "power" to it.

Creating a user

Let's start by creating our new user "cardano" by typing the following command:
sudo adduser cardano
by executing this command you will be requested to enter your password and then to set a password for this user as well as additional information
Congratulations - we just created our new user! Now - let's give this user administrative power by typing this:
sudo usermod -aG sudo cardano
Great! Now the user cardano has administrative power! Whenever we need to run a command with administrative privilege- run the command by adding in front of it additional command - sudo
Sudo, the one command to rule them all. It stands for “super user do!” Pronounced like “sue dough”. allows a permitted user to execute a command as root user (administrator/superuser) allows a permitted user to execute a command as root user (administrator/super user)
Let's switch to our new user:
sudo su - cardano
If everything goes as planned then you should be now logged in as user "cardano", let's double-check by typing:
as a reply, you should see the current user username
cardano@localhost:~$ whoami cardano
Let's check if we can execute commands with root privileges (as administrator) by typing:
sudo whoami
cardano@localhost:~$ sudo whoami [sudo] password for cardano: xxx root
before you can execute commands as a root user, you will have to type the user's password (for Cardano user) to authenticate yourself. After authentication - you will see that the command this time was executed as a root user!
Great! We have created a user and let's proceed now to the installation process!