Cardano Node 1.26.1 (Stake Pool) installation guide (MainNet) for dummies

This is a guide on how to install a Cardano node for people who are interested to run their own ADA Staking Pool

Before we start

1) This guide assumes that you have at least basic knowledge of Linux administration. 2) We are going to use Ubuntu as our choice for the OS. 3) If you have any questions - join our telegram group: where we have some great mentors who are ready to help you!

You can join also other Telegram groups where you can learn about Cardano Stake pool management: - Cardano Shelley & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup - Cardano Community Tech Support Other great tutorials I have found on the net:

This guide is based on the official Cardano Official guide and from our experience. We understand that the information flow is HUGE... and therefore we want to have a place where you can find all the necessary information in setting up your own personal ADA Staking Pool.

The guide is updated for Mainnet to work with the latest release: 1.26.1

To get support, join our Telegram Group: