Installing the StakePool Operator Scripts (SPOS)

As the Cardano Node management is getting more complicated I would recommend using StakePool Operator Scripts (SPOS) (also known as Martin's Scripts - ATADA Stake pool owner).

You have to install these scripts on your SECURE Server/Workstation/Virtual PC which is running Ubuntu and where you have successfully installed the Cardano Node

We will be creating keys for your pledge wallet as well as keys for your StakePool. ANYONE who has access to these keys will have FULL CONTROL over your wallets and Stake Pool. Never put these keys on your online server.

For better security SPOS scripts allow you to generate all the keys and certificates on a PC that is offline (air-gapped) as well as using Hardware Wallets (this is not covered here)

Let's start by downloading packages that are used by the scripts

sudo apt update -y 
sudo apt install -y curl bc jq 

Let us now download the scripts:

mkdir -p git
cd git

# just in case we have already an older folder there - let's remove it
rm -rf scripts

# cloning the code from github
git clone

cd scripts
ls -al

as the result, you should see this

let's copy the scripts to our bin folder, so we can call them from anywhere:

cp cardano/mainnet/* ~/.local/bin/
cd ~/.local/bin/

Now we have to do a simple configuration so the script knows where to find files and the socket. We will place the configuration file in our home directory, so you don't have to edit files again when next time you decide to upgrade the scripts.

cat <<EOF > ~/

genesisfile="/home/cardano/cnode/config/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json"           #Shelley-Genesis path
genesisfile_byron="/home/cardano/cnode/config/mainnet-byron-genesis.json"       #Byron-Genesis path

cardanocli="cardano-cli"        #Path to your cardano-cli you wanna use
cardanonode="cardano-node"      #Path to your cardano-node you wanna use

magicparam="--mainnet"  #choose "--mainnet" for mainnet or for example "--testnet-magic 1097911063" for a testnet
addrformat="--mainnet"  #choose "--mainnet" for mainnet address format or like "--testnet-magic 1097911063" for testnet address format

itn_jcli="./jcli" #only needed if you wanna include your ITN witness for your pool-ticker

#--------- leave this next value until you have to change it for a testnet
byronToShelleyEpochs=208 #208 for the mainnet, 74 for the testnet

Let's check if you have succeeded: 

if you see the following output, then you have successfully installed the scripts:

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