Installing Ubuntu on Google Cloud Platform

Quick intro on installing Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform registration:

go to: and register for Google Cloud Platform services

when the registration is done you should be in your dashboard, which looks similar to this:

Now navigate from the main menu to VM Instances dashboard: (Main Menu --> Compute Engine --> VM Instances)

Click on "Create"

Let's name our server (VM instance): cardano-core

Region: choose what's best (or which is cheaper: in US Iowa is usually the cheaper - in EU: Finland)

Let's edit the Machine configuration: choose N1 Server: 2vCPU server with 7,5GB RAM (this will cost us ~49USD per month)

Now let's choose Linux flavor and boot disk size, click on the "Change" button:

Let's go for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with 100GB disk space:

click select, and that's it, we are ready to go:

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